What Is Meaning OfETQAN(الاتقان)

Education is considered to be the backbone in the development and prosperity of any nation. Education is the only source to turn the population of any country from a burden to human resource.

Pakistan is blessed with abundance of resources those if taped properly can change the destiny of the nation. Among those is the talented youth which comprises of almost 70% of the total population. There is no need to prove their intellect, the only thing that is required to pave the ways and means to transform this knowledge into human capital. It will be unfair to say that people in the 6th largest country of the world has limited access to quality education. Those with a better education are enjoying the benefits, while the less fortunate continue to struggle with their lot. The policy makers must design pragmatically a coherent education policy to bridge this gap and to tackle the social and economic dynamics that have led to the current situation.

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