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Kashoo Pricing, Reviews, Features


But while they don’t have the volume of customer reviews that these two have gathered over the years, the vast majority that we’ve found have been extremely positive. It’s clear that while they don’t have everything, what they do have, is well done and easy to use. Through Kashoo’s quick-entry feature, you’ll be able to enter any data in just one click and survey it all at once on your screen. Collaborating with employees, business partners, or your accountant is easy! Kashoo is known for its simple, accessible, accurate, organized, and secure approach to dealing with business bookkeeping.

  • You can also add any new bills from the Bills to Pay feature by clicking on the New tab, and attach any invoices or other information directly to the added bill.
  • Through Kashoo’s quick-entry feature, you’ll be able to enter any data in just one click and survey it all at once on your screen.
  • Best Of We’ve tested, evaluated and curated the best software solutions for your specific business needs.
  • Although it can group invoices and expenses by project, it doesn’t track time, which is a tool often included with project features.

For your Kashoo subscription price, you get a good selection of tools for managing your company’s income and expenses, while staying compliant with double-entry bookkeeping rules. Below each invoice is a set of housekeeping tools, but you have to click Show Options to see some of them. You can make the transactions recurring, enter payments, allow credit card remittances, and more. Other sites also make historical invoice data available from the actual data-entry screen.

Kashoo Cloud Accounting Competitors

The right sidebar shows Quick Reports, which is a summary of your accounts, unpaid invoices and bills, and taxes. I was particularly looking forward to being able to sync multiple company bank accounts, as well as our daily credit card sales from Square POS, in a single application. The Square/SquareUp integration is among Kashoo’s strongest features in my experience, as I can’t recall any synchronization issues or glitches accessing Square data in Kashoo. It also has an iPhone app that’s fairly functional, albeit wholly utilitarian in its look and feel. However, considering how much data and memory are consumed when running most accounting programs, the Kashoo app manages to be easily sync-able and fast, which I wasn’t expecting…

But Kashoo’s reports, both in terms of the number available and their customizability, are quite different from sites like Xero and QuickBooks Online, which offer many customizable report templates. I guess the answer to that mostly depends on your spreadsheet skills. With accounting software like Kashoo, it’s much easier to track expenses and keep financial records of business activities. All data is stored in one cloud-based storage place so it’s at your fingertips whenever you need and you can quickly refer back to it and see how your business is doing at a glance. A collaborative platform, it helps business owners with an invoice feature, multiple users and role-based permissions to match down payments with the user’s record.

Say goodbye to data entry, spreadsheets and paper timesheets with eBillity’s time tracking software. Kashoo offers customer support in three different ways — chat, email and phone — and although its support is not 24/7, it does guarantee a response within 24 hours. Additionally, customer service is one of the points that you’ll see most frequently discussed in positive Kashoo user reviews. Kashoo works with both SurePayroll and Paychex — and each of these providers prices its service on a quote basis. You’ll have to work with their representatives to see what pricing will be like for your business. According to the Kashoo Help Center, if you sign up for either service from your Kashoo account, you’ll be able to qualify for special pricing. Kashoo offers very basic bill management and tracking tools.

Once a Kashoo customer, you can share your books with your accountant, business partners, or employees through permission-based access. You can also connect Kashoo to the rest of your business, including bank accounts, payment processing, sales transactions , payroll, and financing. If you need to backup your data, transfer it to another system, or print a hard copy for year-end filings, you can use the quick export feature to do so in just a few clicks. On the whole, online Kashoo user reviews are extremely positive. Many business owners write about how easy it is to use, especially if you’re a freelancer or solopreneur. Built “mobile first” for the modern entrepreneur, Kashoo’s accounting solution enables business owners to track expenses, send invoices, and view account balances from mobile devices of the web.

Case Study: Lamp Stack Integration With Kashoo Simple Cloud Accounting

If you don’t connect any bank accounts, the Inbox will remain empty. Product Reviews Unbiased, expert reviews on the best software and banking products for your business.

  • If you’re a small business owner, or work for yourself, you know how important cash flow is.
  • Discover at which times most of users are off the system and pick this period of time as it’s the most comfortable time for your data migration.
  • I take my iPad with me and I can work on financial stuff in my studio or a cafe.
  • The owners of Kashoo thought that most cloud accounting platforms in the market are too technical and can only be used by bookkeepers and accountants.
  • Receipts are things paid for at the time of purchase, while invoicing is for paid at a later date.

Crucially, it has been evolving with the times and now has all of the features you need to keep your business in good shape, without breaking the bank in order to do it. Because Kashoo makes data like this available from working screens, its users have less need to run standard reports. The site does offer reports detailing unpaid invoices and unpaid bills, but the rest are the standard financial reports often created and analyzed by accounting professionals. Kashoo supports exports to Excel, CSV, HTML, PDF, and Google Sheets.

Kashoo Accounting And Square

When you reconcile your accounts, it simplifies the process by suggesting possible matches. The action menu along the left side of the screen lists tasks at the top so you can quickly get started with your accounting duties. In the middle it shows your lists for clients, suppliers, items, projects and accounts, followed by reports at the bottom of the menu. Kashoo integrates with Paychex for payroll; this add-on option appears at the bottom of the menu. Kashoo Payments makes it easy for your customers to pay their invoices online.

Best Of We’ve tested, evaluated and curated the best software solutions for your specific business needs. Appointment Scheduling 10to8 10to8 is a cloud-based appointment scheduling software that simplifies and automates the process of scheduling, managing, and following up with appointments. If you need help using the software, you can reach customer support by phone, email and live chat, Monday through Friday, from 6 a.m. You can also find several resources on the company’s website. It has a searchable knowledgebase, weekly webinars, live workshops, step-by-step guides and a blog.

At this point, Kashoo’s mobile app doesn’t have all the features of its web-based program. Although both companies offer the ability for users to connect with numerous third party business apps, QuickBooks definitely has a larger range and better selection. It also offers accountant access, multi-currency capability, recurring invoices, and export capability to QuickBooks and other applications.


Most sites put an overview of your finances front and center, displaying the current state of your finances in tables and charts. Instead, Kashoo Classic’s current homepage is a working screen. The iOS app, however, does display a standard financial dashboard. The new Kashoo Accounting mobile app was built to serve as the perfect companion to the Kashoo Accounting web app! We’ve optimized the features included to provide the best simple user experience while focusing on what our customers need while on the go. Relokia is a team of experts known as a trusted service on the data migration market.

Kashoo Accounting Software

Knowing that businesses have specific business-related needs, it is practical they avoid paying for a one-size-fits-all, “perfect” business program. Alongside creating other documents such as expenses, bills etc., invoicing is one of the easiest tasks you can do on https://www.bookstime.com/. QuickBooks offers a payroll feature, which Kashoo doesn’t have available yet. Construction Management CoConstruct CoConstruct is easy-to-use yet feature-packed software for home builders and remodelers.


We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. There is no big distinction between sales receipts and invoices, and bills and expenses. It’s reliable, and stable, and it works with my older web browser ! It doesn’t use too much flashy stuff, and it just keeps working.

Kashoo Cloud Accounting General Information

Kashoo lacks advanced features that many competitors offer, such as inventory management tools, time tracking, workflow management and more. Plus, whereas some accounting solutions make up for a lack of advanced features with third-party integration options, Kashoo can only connect to a handful of additional tools. They might cost more, but surely an additional 5-10 hours of your time per month is worth the extra $10-20 you’ll pay to get real accounting software. Kashoo’s monthly subscription fee is $19.95 per month , which places it at the low end of the SMB pricing scale. Even QuickBooks’ barebones entry-level plan, Simple Start, costs $25 per month.


Are there any particular features that are especially beneficial for the industry you operate in? If you ask yourself these questions it will be much easier to locate a solid app that will match your budget.

To make sure that our clients appreciate us, just see the 5-star user reviews on Capterra and G2. Kashoo’s chat support has improved significantly since our last review in July 2020, with much quicker response times. To top it off, Kashoo offers several other great learning resources for users as well. We’ve put them up against one of these titans, to see exactly how they fair against the competition. Xero has been a huge favorite for small businesses and entrepreneurs for several years now, making it an ideal company to compare Kashoo’s accounting software to.

Accounting tasks can be overwhelming for small businesses, so this is a nice approach to accounting software. And come tax time, your accountant is going to love you because Kashoo online accounting software makes collaboration easy and gives you everything you need to file accurately. With Kashoo, you can track the income and expenses that flow into your inbox, categorizing them as necessary and sorting them to keep organized for tax time. You can see where you spend the most and manually create any transactions you need to add. You’ll also be able to digitally capture receipts and attach them directly to expenses. The opening screen contains a navigation menu that takes you to Income, Expenses, Banking, Accounts, and Reports.

Kashoo 2.0 provides timely insights into the financial health of your business. Dashboard totals are updated in real time and provide you with details such as income and expenses, net income, cash deposits and withdrawals, and net cash totals. Just released in the spring of 2020, Kashoo 2.0 includes a completely updated user interface that looks sparkling new. Kashoo 2.0 includes all of the features found in the previous version, including bill payment, contacts, accounts, and taxes, with all features completely updated. Kashoo is simple online accounting software for small businesses that makes it easy to track the money coming into your business as well as your bills and expenses. You can use it to create and email invoices to your customers, accept online invoice payments, and generate reports, such as an income statement, balance sheet and general ledger. It supports multiple users for no additional cost, and your account gives you access to its mobile app for iPhone and iPad users.

Instead of them being cookie-cutter, or branded with either Kashoo or QuickBooks, you can add your own name or business details and make their template yours. A mobile app for iOS devices is available, but if you’re an Android user, you’re out of luck. Users can also access help from within the application, with both email and chat support available as well.

Kashoo currently only integrates with a few apps but hopes to add more in the future. Best yet, because Kashoo allows you to add information as you go, you can be up and running in a very short amount of time. Any items in the Inbox that have not been moved to transactions are not included in the dashboard totals. Beginner’s Guides Our comprehensive guides serve as an introduction to basic concepts that you can incorporate into your larger business strategy. CMS Weebly Weebly continues to attract and keep loyal users thanks to its user-friendly design and constant upgrades. Customize Kashoo users by location, employees, revenue, industry, and more.

When all of your accounting records are transferred to the new system, you can start using it without delay. The Internal Revenue Service revised its answers to frequently asked questions on the Child Tax Credit, adding a new set of six commonly asked filing season questions. We recommend this package if you don’t want to fuss with packaging as your business grows. One of the big bonuses of this type of packaging is that you have a complete suite of features from the get-go that can help you both at the very beginning, as well as a ways down the road.


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