Our Services

We support institutions to solve following basic key questions;

  • How well are the learners’ attaining and progressing in core subjects?
  • How good are learners in their personal, social and emotional developments?
  • How effective are teaching, learning and methods of assessing learners progress.?
  • How well school’s curriculum meets learners’ needs?
  • How good school provides support services to the learners, and promotes their interests?
  • How effective are the leadership, management and governance of the school?
  • Reviewing all systems of the institution and submitting a report stating the strengths, areas for improvement, and recommendations against the international or local standards.
  • Providing professional development plan for teachers and leaders. Training will be provided in accordance with needs and areas for improvement.
  • Building a strategic, action and post review action plan along with impact statements for the service providers.
  • Ongoing review and support services to bring the school at par with international practices.
  • Building and support service programs for students’ behavior, patriotism, social and emotional developments through developing values, respects, sympathy and tolerance, and intensive follow-up program.
  • Moderating and editing on a regular basis; specialists visit, to review the school processes, systems, approaches, and practices; and write report for each visit.
  • Conducting class observations, educational visits to review classworks and write comprehensive reports, and sit with the teachers/ trainers to discuss the findings, and areas of improvements.
  • Monitoring visits. (How much progress has the school made since the last visit?), with the purpose to focus on the key recommendations and to judge the effectiveness of the action plan.
  • Need based training workshops.